A Beginers Guide to QMS Policies | Techno FAQ
Administration is often referred to as "management." Administration, or the necessity for it, is the bane of those theorists who think that a perfect society can be devised in which no one is the boss. No matter how skilled or competent each worker, and in tum each foreman, there must be some method for directing all their activities toward one harmonious goal. The direction of all the operations to achieve a number of definite goals is the problem of quality management system. Planning Without planning, accomplishment can be neither scheduled nor guaranteed. Planning is the determination in advance of the effects proceeding from a certain course of action, thereby permitting the careful choice of the particular course which is productive of the greatest gain over a period of time. This involves the full cognizance of the advantages, the disadvantages, the attendant costs, and the gains accruing from a particular course of action. Certain events cannot be solved upon their occurrence