Practical Lessons for Every Entrepreneur That Wants to Run a Debt-Free Business and Lead a Stress-Free Life | Techno FAQ
We love reading the success stories of youngsters who built startups from scratch and then grew them into multimillion-dollar enterprises within a couple of years. It is akin to looking up to Hollywood stars. For both startup heroes and tinsel town celebrities, all we get to see and focus on are the glitz and glamour brought on by fame and success. However, for every such startup success story or small town boy making it big in Hollywood, there are hundreds and thousands of failure sagas as well. A startling piece of data we came across is that 100 million startups are launched worldwide every year, and 90% of them fail and shut down within the first year. There are several reasons why startups fail, but almost a third of such failures is because they ran out of cash. Loans seem to be an easy way out for such startups, but the lack of fiscal discipline ensures that that one loan is soon followed by another one, and then one more and so on till the startup is soon buried under a