KooPower Battery-Free Wireless Doorbell Review: A True Fit-n-Forget Device | Techno FAQ
Introduction Electronics have come a long way, especially home appliances, like TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. But the humble doorbell has had the same design for over a very long time. Some doorbells got additional features like on-demand voice and CCTV interaction with the visitor, but the core electrical design remained the same. Wireless doorbells, however, changed this design as the doorbell switch can no longer be a part of the electrical circuit. The switch is now a battery-powered transmitter that sends a signal pulse over RF (radio-frequency) or IR (infra-red) spectrum which is received by the bell powered by another battery or AC power mains. However, KooPower has taken the design one step further by making the switch battery-less. The switch is now powered using a tiny piezoelectric generator (similar to push-button gas lighters). This generator converts the mechanical energy of a person pressing the switch button to electrical energy to power the RF transmitter