Mobile Games Developer Murka Co-Founded by Max Polyakov Launched Nat Geo WILD Slots to Bring Environmental Issues Awareness | Techno FAQ
Mobile phones have now been introduced in almost every part of the world. According to the report by Louis Cook From Timesdigit said that, a certain estimate suggested that six billion individuals are now able to access a smartphone. This implies that so many people are now able to access the internet. This also encourages more social initiatives to utilize technology in assisting the people who require it more. Gamification lets people to participate in a virtual environment and change what they want to do into something more interesting. Crowdrise turns fundraising into a contest through setting up tests, recording progress and awarding checkpoints. On a very personal level, SuperBetter assists people to recover from personal misfortune or sorrow by gamifying their process of recovery. Apart from gamifying social initiatives, there are games which offer solutions to real life problems. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010 which killed more than one hundred thousand people and