How to Unblock U.S. Netflix from Germany [Guide] | |
If you live, work, or travel to Germany often, and you like to stream Netflix titles from their U.S. catalogue â€" you’ll have a problem doing so. Although the company offers customized access in over 190 countries, including Germany, the titles you have access to vary widely when compared to those available in the U.S. Since the vast majority of Netflix content is produced in the U.S., the American library offers far superior access to shows than elsewhere.Because of copyright laws, the only way to view these is by having an IP address located in the U.S. VPNs can help you bypass geo-blocks like this, but unfortunately, not all VPNs consistently work to unblock Netflix. In fact, due to sophisticated VPN blocking methods employed by Netflix and other major streaming sites, most providers are unable to break through.Fortunately for you, we've got a list of VPNs with a strong track record of unblocking the US Netflix