How To Install Darktable On Linux [Guide] | |
Darktable is an open source, image workstation application for photographers on Linux. It has dozens of uses, including the ability to manage digital photo negatives in a user searchable database, a "zoomable" Lightroom and the ability to develop raw photos. Better yet, it's entirely free of charge and compatible with even the most obscure of Linux distributions. The app has a lot to offer and is competitive with a lot of paid offerings in the digital photography space. It is designed and made by photographers, so if you're looking for a solid app to edit and manage photos on Linux, this is probably one of the best options to go with.UbuntuThe Darktable application is available to Linux users via the Ubuntu Software Center, and the OS regularly distributes a fairly recent version of it in its software sources. However, if you're a photographer who needs the latest features, you're better off with using the official Darktable PPA to install Darkable.