How To Fix Unresponsive Touchpad After Wake From Sleep On Windows 10 [Guide] | |
Windows 10 has had a long standing bug whereby various features and components become unresponsive after a system wakes from sleep. For the most part this bug effects the Start menu or the lock screen. That said, there seems to be a problem whereby a small numbers of users get an unresponsive touchpad after your system wakes from sleep. If you're getting this same problem, here's how you can fix it. Unresponsive TouchpadThis problem can be reproduced by booting to your desktop and allowing the boot to complete. Once your system is ready, close the lid to your laptop, or use the power button menu to put your desktop to sleep. Once the system is asleep, wake it up right away. Your touchpad will be unresponsive. You might be able to move the cursor around but no clicks will register and any time you tap on your touchpad, the current active window will lose focus.I encountered this same error on my laptop and while this is anecdotal, it might benefit to know that