How to export YouTube subscriptions to OPML [Guide] | |
There's no shortage of channels to subscribe to on YouTube and there's certainly no limit to how many channels you can subscribe. Users normally subscribe to a few popular channels and over time, build their subscription list up based on channels they like. For some, this might just be a handful of channels but for others, the list can build up to over a hundred channels. It's not easy amassing them all so it's a good idea to back them up. You can export YouTube subscriptions to an OPML file which ought to do the trick Export YouTube subscriptionsYou can export YouTube subscriptions from the manage subscriptions page. The only problem is getting to the right manage subscriptions page. Between the many redesigns that YouTube has undergone, you can't always get to the right one.Visit YouTube and make sure you're signed in. In the column on the left, look at the Subscriptions title above the list of subscribed channels. If it's clickable, you