How to disable up next video on Facebook [Firefox] [Guide] | |
Auto-playing videos have become a thing. Websites like Facebook and YouTube will automatically play the next, suggested video for you in a bid to keep you engaged (and unproductive). With YouTube, you can turn off auto-play for the next video but there's no way to disable the up next video on Facebook. You can turn off auto-play but once you're watching a video, and you watch it to the end, the up next box will pop up and start playing the next video after a brief countdown. Disable up next videoTo stop auto-play for the next video on Facebook, you need an add-on called Stop next video. At present, this add-on is only available for Firefox and there doesn't seem to be a Chrome version of it available. This means that everyone has a very good reason to abandon Chrome and switch to Firefox. The add-on makes it worth it.Install the add-on, go to Facebook, watch any video of your choice and the 'Up next' box will never show up. There's nothing you have