How to connect Facebook Messenger to Discord on Linux [Guide] | |
Miscord is a sophisticated tool that can connect Facebook Messenger to Discord. With it, you can take your Facebook account and send/receive messages inside a private Discord server and each message thread you have on Facebook Messenger is set in separate channels on a Discord server for organizational purposes. Note: Miscord is unstable software and may not work correctly for you. Use at your own risk!Before we beginThe Miscord tool can be used to bridge a connection from Facebook to the Discord client. Miscord doesn't include the Discord application itself, so to use the software, please ensure that you already have Discord set up on your Linux PC.Need to install the Discord application on Linux but unsure how to do so? Go ahead and check out our in-depth tutorial! In it, we go over how to install the app in a multitude of ways.Install MiscordOn Linux, Miscord is easy to install thanks to the NPM tool that comes with NodeJS. However, NodeJS/NPM isn't commonly shipped with