How to compress images with Google Squoosh [Guide] | |
Image compression is a tricky thing. When you compress an image, you want the quality to remain more or less the same but the size to be reduced. In most cases, an image is compressed to save space however a reduced size almost always means a reduction in quality. There are loads of different services and apps that you can use to compress images and Google has one in the mix too. It's called Squoosh and it's fairly good. Compress images with SquooshSquoosh works in your browser and can also run offline. The app is an experimental one and it supports OptiPNG, MozJPEG, WebP, Browser PNG, Browser JPEG, and Browser WebP. You can use it in any modern web browser.Visit Squoosh and add the image you want to compress. Once you add the image, you have to select which format it is you want to convert it to after compression.You should know that both JPEG and WebP are lossy formats. Each format has its own compression settings that you can customize.When you add an image, the app