How To Check Firefox Add-On Permissions [Guide] | |
Add-ons that you install on Firefox have access to certain information. Depending on what the add-on does, it may have access to everything you do or it may have very limited access. When you first install an add-on, Firefox displays what permissions it will have access to. You can always go to an add-on's page, and scroll down to the Permission section to view them again. If you'd rather not spend so much time viewing permissions, you can install an add-on called Project Insight that lets you view Firefox add-on permissions in one place. Project Insight makes up for a shortcoming the Firefox add-on manager has i.e., it doesn't show you the permissions that an add-on has access to.Firefox Add-On PermissionsInstall the Project Insight add-on. It will add a pyramid with an eye icon next to the URL bar. Click it to open the Project Insight page. You can only view permissions for add-ons that are enabled so if you want to view permissions for every single add