How To Access Twitter Bookmarks On Your Desktop [Guide] | |
Twitter added a bookmarks feature to its apps a while back. The feature allows you to save a tweet to a dedicated section of the app. It's better than retweeting it, or liking it. The bookmarks section can get cluttered too if you aren't careful but it is better than going the retweet and/or favorite route. Unfortunately, this feature is restricted to the apps. Not only can you not bookmark tweets from the web version, you also can't access them. Fortunately, there's a pretty simple work around; Twitter mobile. Access Twitter BookmarksTwitter bookmarks may not be part of the desktop version of the website but they have been integrated in the mobile web version. If you need to access Twitter bookmarks on your desktop, visit the mobile version of Twitter.Sign in on the mobile version and click your profile picture at the top. A menu will open with a Bookmarks option. Click it to view all your bookmarked tweets. It goes without saying that if you need to bookmark a