Best VPN for Scotland – Protect Your Privacy with These VPNs [Guide] | |
Across the world, there is increasing concern about the degree to which governments track their citizens’ online activity. This has led to a recent surge in public interest around privacy technology such as VPNs. The people who should be most concerned about the security of their Internet browsing are those living in countries that participate in international surveillance pacts. The most infamous such pact is the Five Eyes agreement between the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Since Scotland is part of the UK and will remain so unless there is an independence referendum, Scottish readers should be aware that their country is spying on their browsing activities.This article will help you stay safe and anonymous online. Read on to find out how to choose a VPN from a crowded marketplace, which VPN to download, and additional information on surveillance agencies in Scotland.Contents1 What's in a good VPN?1.1 What about free VPNs?2 Top VPNs