Best VPN for Mexico to Protect Your Online Privacy [Guide] | |
Find yourself unable to stream your favorite show while in Mexico? Or perhaps you’re unable to access your favorite telenovela while abroad? Maybe you just found out that the government requires every Internet Service Provider and mobile network to log and report the activity of every user. Or â€" most terrifyingly â€" you discovered that digital news publications suffered cyber-attacks and individuals receive death threats for what they say online.By using a virtual private network, you can solve all these problems and more. VPNs allow you to appear as if your IP address is elsewhere (even another country on the other side of the globe), enabling you to view and stream content that would normally be blocked, like Netflix and Hulu. VPNs also send your info through an encrypted “tunnel,†which prevents ISPs, governments, and hackers alike from viewing, logging, or tracing your activity online.Today,