Best VPN for DOTA 2: Our Top Picks for 2019 [Guide] | |
DOTA 2 is a great game â€" but great, competitive games inspire big problems, like high latency, lag, and packet loss. What's worse, DOTA 2 invites DDoS attacks, which can be disastrous. As such, the use of a VPN with DOTA 2 has been a hot topic for a long time â€" could it help? Won’t it just cause even more lag?Although the use of a VPN with any of their games goes against Steam’s user agreement, it’s often the best option for many players having these problems. With a VPN, you can choose a server that’s nearby to reduce your ping, or choose one that’s in an entirely different geological location entirely that you wouldn’t normally have access to. In this guide, we’re going to show you how we chose the best VPNs for DOTA usage, give you that list, and discuss the “how toâ€