Top Best 8 Tips and Tricks for iTunes -
Top Best 8 Tips and Tricks for iTunes: deleting duplicates and more Easy way to change your EQ settings If you have been looking to adjust your equalizer settings, find out that there is quite an easy way to do this. Just go to View, then click on View Options. Here you will find Equalizer. From now on, a pull-down menu will appear and you will be able to change the equalizer setting however you may want. Change the file type in iTunes (and more) iTunes is quite a foggy system if you’re new to it and didn’t have any time to really check it out. Right clicks can do you a lot of good in this program. For example: if you right click a song, you can find out information about both the artist and the track. Not only can you get more info, but you can download album art for free as well as change the type of the file. Does “Shuffle mode” keep replaying songs? We have just the fix! Well, this is quite a peculiar feature on iTunes, but the fact is you can change up how likely it will be to listen the same song [...]