The Media Interview: Prepping the Expert | TARA JANTZEN | Content Studio
Last week I wrote about those things to consider before accepting a media opportunity. In this two-part series, I'd like to finish with what should happen after you agree to a media interview—preparing your spokesperson. It is the responsibility of the spokesperson or subject matter expert to clearly, honestly, and succinctly articulate information bringing insight and clarity to an issue or topic. It is also their responsibility to do this in a way that positively supports the organization and brand represented. If you have the ability to conduct formal media training with your experts, I strongly recommend this. While it can be costly depending on the sources you leverage and the time away from the normal business, it's worth the investment. The experience of spending a focused day or more conducting deeper dives and interview simulations can make an enormous difference on the final outcome, the confidence of your spokespeople, as well as the long-term impact of your overall PR