When it's Time to Upgrade Your Husband - Tamara Like Camera
The REAL photo(s) behind the story here is so hilarious, that I couldn’t start the post with it. I simply had to build suspense. And despite this post’s racy title, I promise you it’s all in good fun, like the story behind the photo. I don’t even know where to start so I’ll go back to the beginning. Several weeks ago, Cassidy’s Office Manager texted me about yet another co-worker of theirs. This guy had pulled Cassidy’s name in the office Secret Santa exchange and had a funny idea to run by me. I was distracted at the time but always up for helping a gift cause. (I wouldn’t necessarily say good cause here, unless humor is your cause) And then I got the text. It was his co-worker, Chris, who I knew from our family Passover Seder, and all around good guy. He had seen Cassidy walking out of work one day and been struck with the thought. What if he stole his boss’ life? Wouldn’t that start with his wife? And kids.. (Don’t be offended if you didn’t get this card. No one did! They were a month late!) So, Chris asked me if I’d be willing to … Continue reading →