There's A Place I Can Go. - Tamara Like Camera
I wrote this several years ago after spending time in my one of my favorite places. I’m sort of there right now, but not. I wrote this about Cape Cod – my favorite way and place to relax – but now I’m with my same in-laws by the beach. We’re in St. Augustine today, and not Cape Cod, but so much is the same and so much feels right. I think I’ll relax and stay for a bit.. This is written, in part, in memory of George Landers. A true friend. Every year of my mid-childhood contained a perfectly memorable summer vacation. My family usually revolved our vacations around my older sister’s dance competitions so we’d go wherever the dancers went. For several years it was two weeks in Myrtle Beach. We’d spend a few days doing dance competition whatever and then settle into our home away from home – a HIGHLY air-conditioned condo, thanks to my dad. These condos changed annually. One was two stories with a spiral staircase separating the floors. That was pretty epic. Often as big as the condos were, there were five of us kids and we’d ultimately all huddle into two shared bedrooms. Sometimes … Continue reading →