Born To Be Wild: Treating Your Dog Like The Animal They Are - Tamara Like Camera
For real, though – this was the dog I had in my childhood: (Image Source) Dogs were one of the very earliest animals which humans domesticated. Descending from wolves, these creatures have a strong pack mentality, and this makes it very easy to live with them when you know how to make yourself into the alpha. Of course, though, while your pooch might seem at home wrapped up in a blanket, most of these beasts are wild at heart. To give you some ideas when it comes to letting your dog enjoy this side of their life a bit more, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to achieve this goal. Walk Times When you take your dog on a walk, they aren’t thinking about getting exercise or having the chance to go to the toilet. Instead, they want to go hunting, enabling them to show off some of their skills to their human packmates. Going to the same places all the time will slowly erode the enjoyment your dog gets out of this. When you go somewhere new, there will be a renewed possibility of successfully hunting something, and this will make the whole event a … Continue reading →