Gel-X, does it live up to the hype? - Talking All That Jaz
Gel-X, does it live up to the hype? This week’s beauty item is Gel-X. Let’s talk about nails, I was a nail biter for the first 20 plus years of my life, which meant that there was no need for manicures or polish. I bit my nails like an addict, and I wasn’t your average biter, I bit them down to the quick! I finally quit cold turkey in my late twenties. I started to see my nails grow and eventually started getting manicures. I can remember when gel polish hit the scene, I was fascinated but it took me a while to finally give it a try. I loved it, but I had a hard time finding a salon that got it right. The gel polish, while not acrylic was just as harsh when not removed properly. Here was part of the problem, most nail salons were more concerned with getting you in and out quickly that they wouldn’t allow sufficient time for the acetone to sit on your nails to loosen the gel to be removed properly and without damaging your natural nail. That very reason is why I went a very long time without getting my nails done until….. I found a salon I loved! Here’s a link to their Instagram account Luxe Nail Scape. Shout out to Yelp which is how I found them! If you live in or around the Bay Area and you’re looking for a salon with spa like vibes and super diverse employees, look no further! Oh, and they serve drinks. Now let’s get into Gel-X! I was getting my normal gel polish (which by the way they do an amazing job) but I was looking for something different. I kept seeing Gel-X so I inquired. My super dope nail tech Lezly (click her name for Instagram page) told me what they were and what they were all about. I scheduled my next appointment to get them done!