Weekly Style Roundup - Week of 7/29 - Talking All That Jaz
This Week’s Theme, Jumpsuits and Rompers! I mean, who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit or a cute little romper? Until you have to use the bathroom lol. This week I kept it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable. I purchased items from Pretty Little Things, H&M, Target, Kids Foot Locker (be jealous) and Journey’s. Now let’s get into these looks! Look Number 1 a beautiful baby blue (looks green in the photo) colored jumpsuit with a chunky Fila sneaker. One thing you’ll notice about me, I go for comfort over cuteness often. Flats or sneakers, always my first choice. I shared a fun fact on Instagram and that fun fact is, I only own 8 pairs of heels, and two are specifically for work. I simply find no pleasure in my feet hurting. Now if someone can recommend a heel that wears like a Naturalizer shoe, let me know. Now back to the look. Let me talk about this jumpsuit, it’s perfect for fall! Why? because it is thick! Lucky for me, living in the Bay Area, it can be 90’s during the day and 60’s by the evening. The jumpsuit is from Pretty Little Things: $24. The shoes are from Kids Foot Locker and were a gift from my amazing daughter. Grand Total: $24.