Products used for my Everyday Makeup no Makeup Look! - Talking All That Jaz
*DISCLAIMER* – I am NOT a makeup expert. The information shared in this post is what works for me. I’ve never been a fan of a full face of makeup (on myself), because honestly, I feel like it ages me, plus I wasn’t good at applying it (just started dabbling at 39). I wanted a way to brighten up my face giving it that “beat face look” without it being weighed down in foundation, so after lots of practice, I finally found a combination of products that gives me the look of a full face without all of the products or work! Just so you’re aware, I have combination skin and these products work very well for me. Everything on this list is applied after my morning Skincare routine which I’ll share in next week’s post, so make sure you come back! Step 1: Too Faced HangoveRx Replenishing Face Primer I use this as my base on the areas where I apply my concealer to give me a smooth finish. I always apply this first to allow it time to work itself into my skin before I apply the concealer. This primer works wonders!