There is no perfect parent, so save your judgment/criticism! - Talking All That Jaz
Becoming a parent, one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs you’ll ever be blessed to have. At age 19, I was rushed into emergency surgery to remove a large tumor, an ovary and a tube. The ovary they left, was also problematic and still is to this day. After surgery I was told that me conceiving would be very difficult and maybe even impossible, but I conceived naturally five times with six babies and birthed four. First time parent. You don’t know shit, let’s just be honest. I called my first child my trial and error kid. I don’t care how much advice mama gave you, grandma gave you, how many kids you babysat, how many classes you took or how many books you read, nothing can fully prepare you for the real thing. Parenting an actual human is much different from the flour sack you parented with your classmate in school.