Loving Multiple Children - Talking All That Jaz
As a parent loving my children is a given, but what I know for sure is that each one of my children require a different level of love. I’ve talked about this before, but when I was expecting my second child I was afraid. I didn’t know how I was going to love more than one child. This might sound crazy to some, but it was a legitimate fear for me. I was a parent of one until 2002 when my second child arrived. Beautiful baby boy that came 5 weeks early! I was nervous but as soon as he came, I believe my love vault expanded. True story. Loving more than one child came natural. Who knew that I had enough love inside of me to go around??? Three years later, child #3 arrives and I got this! I’ve got this loving more than one child down pat. The very next year, child #4 arrives…Yeah, I was doing the most, two children within a year was a lot! The Labor & Delivery staff told me they’d see me next year, lol.