Let’s Talk About Sex Part 1 (Parents & Kids) - Talking All That Jaz
In 2018, why is sex still a taboo topic? Why does it still make people uncomfortable? Growing up with old/old school parents, sex was NEVER openly discussed in our household. I honestly don’t remember ever having a discussion about it. I remember after getting my period (at 9) I was told that I could now get pregnant. Well, was somebody gonna tell me how? The answer was, no. Parents didn’t talk about sex, they just told you not to do it. Totally ineffective strategy. I learned about sex the same way several of my friends did, through books, HBO, and older fast ass friends. I remember the first book I read with sex in it, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. I specifically remember reading and rereading Nettie’s tale of events with Mista in the woods. The book belonged to my older sister, I was 9. Reading was how I learned several sex related things.