Positive Self Talk in Children - Talking All That Jaz
How often do you listen to what your children say about themselves? Are you monitoring how they speak about their looks, intelligence, or their self worth? Do they know that what they speak they give power to? As a parent, I make it my job to pay attention. I’m nosey as hell while respecting boundaries. I’m always listening. 2017/18 was a rough school year for my youngest. He struggled greatly in Math and Science. One day while helping him, he was super frustrated, and yelled out, “I’m just dumb”. Y’all my heart broke and I immediately corrected him and reassured him that he was not dumb. Then I asked him what that meant to him and to explain to me how it made him feel. I then began to explain to him how we give power to the words we speak. I explained it in 12 year old terms. In that moment I realized that this was something he told himself often, not always out loud, but in his mind and spirit this was something he truly believed and I knew that I had to do something.