How much does it matter that top Trump officials deny climate science? Take our Twitter poll - Talk About Cars
Flooded car in parking lot. Photo via Flickr user waitscm/CC2.0Enlarge PhotoThroughout the world, the accepted science of climate change is no longer in dispute. Every nation on earth has now signed the Paris Climate Treaty to develop plans to reduce the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Only one plans to withdraw from that treaty: the United States of America. DON'T MISS: All renewable energy types to be cost-competitive by 2020: report Over the last year, the administration of President Donald Trump has appointed climate-science denialists to top posts and canceled the Clean Power Plan that required each state to work with electric utilities to develop customized plans to reduce or avert carbon emissions. Trump has worked loudly and publicly to promote the use of coal—an effort notable for its almost complete failure to date—and will likely propose to roll back fuel-efficiency standards and emission limits on new vehicles. Does the loud and public and repeated