Caspio: A Case Study on Customer eLearning and Marketing - Talented Learning
If you’re a regular reader you’re probably aware that I’m a practitioner and fan of lifelong learning. I love learning everything about everything from astronomy to history to geology to tree farming. There’s a list of about 50 core topics (and growing!) that currently interest me, and I try to learn one new thing every day in at least one of these categories. Nowadays, founding Talented Learning has become my core topic. In addition to the creative aspects of researching, reporting and writing on extended enterprise learning technology topics, I’ve had to become knowledgeable and proficient on a whole series of topics I’ve ignored — starting a business, setting up and managing business IT, accounting, taxes, SEO, blogging and the business side of social media. Like all learning, it’s fun to first learn something you didn’t know you didn’t know — and then go about getting to know it. I’ve hit that stage now with Talented Learning. I’ve put the framework in place and am now filling in the many gaps with formal and informal customer elearning. Customer elearning is exactly what you think it is. You educate your prospects and customers, so that they will see the value in your [...]