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LETS work it out Talent development is your key to success. Take your talent to the next level. Time to beat the competition and be the best. ActingYour performance skills will be polished and ready to be put to use. VOICEWe will groom your voice for perfect vocal delivery for all voice works. CASTING CALLSYou will learn how to deal with casting calls and auditions. Featured Classes INTRODUCTION TO ACTING This course concentrates on the development of imagination, observation, focus of attention, and the effective use of materials drawn from life. We teach you on how to work on acting scenes, which include an approach to textual analysis, as well as practice in communication, personal involvements, and the accomplishment of stage tasks. PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUES When are that good at performances, and has a great agent or manager that gets you lots of casting calls and gigs, it is very crucial to perfect your performance techniques. Whether is a audition or an actual gig performance,