Release Letter
Often we have issues with other people or situations. One way to remedy the situation without ever saying a word to the person is by writing a “Release Letter”. A release letter is a great way to bring harmony and healing to the situation. I have used this method for many years and each time it has basically worked miracles. I remember once many years ago having a disagreement with my father about an issue we were both very passionate about but were on opposite sides. I went home and wrote the release letter following the instructions I share with you below. The next day when I went back to see my father, and it was like we never disagreed the night before. Our conversation was delightful – it felt to both of us that a real healing had occurred. In fact, my father mentioned he was surprised at how well our visit went that day. Instructions on how to write a release letter: First, write all the negative, get it all out - feel free to embellish here - [...]