Highly-Sensitive People Protection Techniques
Protection techniques for highly-sensitive people are important for your well-being. Are you a highly sensitive? Do you find yourself wanting to stay home because you sometimes feel worse after being around other people? Do you find yourself picking up on someone's negative emotional state even if they are miles away? If so you may be highly sensitive and need protection from the energies you feel. Being highly-sensitive can be both a blessing and a curse. It is important for your health and well-being to protect yourself so you can feel better and be free to tune into what is best for you, rather than focusing on the discomfort of the negative energies from others or your environment. In this class, you will learn easy, yet powerful daily protection and clearing techniques you can use to protect yourself, your home, and your vehicle. ****What to Bring: 1 – Quartz crystal point.*** - Available for purchase prior to class from Green Earth Stones beautiful [...]