Inca Shamanism & Energy Medicine Apprenticeship Program
Listen now to INTRO TO SHAMANIC AND ENERGY MEDICINE APPRENTICESHIP Students have said this program is "POWERFUL - TRANSFORMATIONAL - LIFE CHANGING" These students have reported that they now feel happier and more fulfilled after taking this program. What you can expect... POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE CHANGES Getting UNSTUCK and MOVING FORWARD to ACHIEVE your GOALS. LIFE begins to UNFOLD with EASE & GRACE!! IMPROVED RELATIONSHIPS - all types of relationships - from personal love relationships to business partnerships and co-worker relationships. IMPROVED FINANCIAL HEALTH. IMPROVED WELL-BEING - physically, mentally and emotionally. RELEASE OF PAST HURTS AND TRAUMAS - by letting go of old beliefs and past baggage (that you are unaware of, but that has been negatively affecting your life). INCREASED SELF-LOVE - recognize and release self-judgments and self-doubt. Learn to love and fully accept yourself. TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! Stop playing the [...]