28-day Affirmation Challenge
28 day Affirmation Challenge. I would like to invite you to take the “28 day Affirmation Challenge”. For the next 28 days write and verbalize affirmations. You can use the affirmations below or create your own life affirming affirmations. Remember to phrase them as follows: 1) Become aware of what you would prefer; 2) Begin your affirmation with “I am”; 3) Use “now” to indicate present tense; 4) Use only positive words; 5) Feel how you imagine you will feel when you have what you desire; 6) Write and speak your affirmations daily. My students find they really benefit from repeating their affirmations before bed and first thing in the morning before they get out of bed. “I am now prosperous and healthy.” “I am now happy and joyful.” “I am now peaceful and content.” “I am open to receive my highest and greatest good.” “I am worthy and I accept an abundance of all [...]