Shamanic Sessions
Shamanic Sessions: The main techniques I use in my healing practice come from the rich traditions of the mountain, coastal, and jungle shamans of Peru. Illumination This is the general term referring to the process by which we release heavy energy associated with a specific emotional issue or trauma, and replace it with pure high-vibration energy. This is the foundation of my healing work and the framework within which the other techniques are used.Soul Retrieval This powerful technique is common to many shamanic traditions. The shaman journeys into the underworld—the realm of the unconscious. The aim is to retrieve a lost Soul Piece, along with a Power Animal and a Gift. The soul piece is a part of you that has been rendered inaccessible as a result of trauma. When a soul piece is retrieved and nurtured, it brings about greater wholeness and healing. It carries with it the possibility for cultivating new strengths and talents, which now become available to [...]