Emotional Freedom Technique
NEW! Sample Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping). In this recording I am focusing on tapping for pain, however, you can use this and insert whatever it is you want such as, anxiety, fear, procrastination...etc. Just tap along with me. The total time is 15 minutes. Of course, 15 minutes may not clear all your pain, but it will give you a good opportunity to experience a brief sample of EFT. Let me know how it works for you. Tap along by clicking this link: EFT for Pain Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT – a.k.a. Meridian Tapping Technique - is a powerful tool that you can use at home between sessions. I recently worked with a woman who felt overwhelming guilt for 12 years over her mother’s death with cancer. We began the session using intuitive healing and Emotional Freedom Technique. She sobbed as she talked about her mother. She believed that she not only had disappointed her mother but in some way hurried her mother’s death along by her suggestions [...]