Animal Whisperer
An Animal Whisperer facilitates healing for both the human and thire animals. Many animals have been scarred by their past experiences. Some may have been adopted and feel abandoned and betrayed. Others, simply have personality traits that they have used to help keep them feeling safe, even though these behaviors may disrupt the household. My job is to uncover the hidden issue, then work with the animal and their human to elicit healing and bring peace and harmony into their home and relationship. Here is a testimonial from an ecstatic client. Jack came to me asking if I could help Jasmin as she howled to get her humans attention. When I spoke with her in our first session in April 2015 Jasmin told me: "I have a big open heart and it hurt me deeply when I was left, I felt abandoned and betrayed. I am afraid if I don't howl these humans will forget me, too! But I know that the howling upsets them and I am equally afraid they will stop loving me." She had [...]