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The most amazing people are those who do not realize just how powerful and vast their soul truly is. These are the people who come to me with the worst history and worst ailments. They are the ones who are experiencing life threatening illnesses and challenges that would crumble the best of us. They may be depressed and overwhelmed by life. They usually have tried every conventional route to get help. Finally, they come to me, often as a last resort. What they find is someone who cares, someone who listens without judgment and who lends a helping hand. When they leave, they have fresh hope, and they feel better, physically, and emotionally. They are on the road to recovery. I tell my clients - "On a Soul level you are more amazing, more powerful, and vaster than you can imagine in this moment. There is nothing wrong with you. You are just waking up to your Soul's purpose. You are right on track. You are being invited by your Soul to shed the story, shed the [...]