Stop Discounting Your Pain
Stop Discounting Your Pain Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s recent testimony detailing the sexual assault she experienced when she was fifteen, as well as millions of other #MeToo stories, are empowering people, especially women to speak their truth, the truth of what happened to them and how it has changed them. The phrase, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger is often used to help us feel better about the traumas we have experienced as though the fact of surviving a trauma automatically makes you stronger I know in my life, some of the greatest growth has come from my most challenging experiences. In the early 1980’s, I was raped by an ex-boyfriend and never reported it, because I knew it was highly likely I would be victim shamed. I knew that either I would not be believed, or they would say something like, “You already had sex with him in time you dated him, so what’s the problem?” Like millions, if not billions of women around the globe, I [...]