Unspeakable Trauma and #MigrantChildren Separated from Their Parents
It's time for me to speak out and share a personal story about how childhood trauma has negatively impacted my life. I share this because of the unconscionable situation we have at the border with families being forcibly separated. Nursing babies being ripped from their mother's arms. Mother's and father's being told that their children are going for showers (reminiscent of Nazi Germany?) and never return. The affects of this trauma on these families and all of us who are watching - all of us who have compassion and can empathize that is - is immense and life-long. The trauma I endured as child living with an unpredictable, raging, abusive, alcoholic mother, is my "why" for studying psychology, shamanism, and energy healing, and why I assist clients who have experienced unspeakable trauma on their healing journey. Let me share a personal story with you. It was summer and I was just 3 ½ about to turn 4 in September, when my mother gave me away to someone I had [...]