My Simple and Humble Contribution to Humanity
As an empath (high-level sensitive) it feels like these are some of the darkest times humanity has witnessed. People are divided. Folks are calling the police on each other because of using a language other than English, for differing beliefs or skin tone, the list goes on. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, bigotry, greed and all the negativity you, or I, can imagine is running rampant. Innocent citizens are being displaced, maimed, murdered in wars that are for nothing other than greed, money and status. What the world needs is a humongous attitude adjustment before it is too late for humanity, the animals, and Earth herself. As an Shaman and Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, I have some advice for humanity. 1. Lighten up! Laugh a little. Laughter is good medicine. 2. Connect with your neighbors, with those whom you do not understand, or maybe those whom you fear because of their beliefs or skin tone. Start talking. Communicate. Learn from one [...]