Prayer Clears Curse
When I pray I call forth my team of Archangels and Ascended Masters. Of course, I always call on God/Creator/Source/Spirit and my personal guides, guardians, and angels. I use this prayer every day, morning and night and whenever I feel I need help. I use it when I work with clients, or do Intuitive Angel Readings for people. I’ve prayed this way for years adding additional Archangels and Ascended beings over the years as they have shown themselves to me. Needless to say, I now work with a pretty powerful and large group. As an energy practitioner and high-level sensitive, I am very careful who I allow to work on me. If someone is not in integrity, they can do a number on one’s energy. That is why I always pray to create ‘sacred space’ by calling forth my team before working with a client. I, also, have always taught my students to pray prior to working with clients. With that said, I recently had a session with an energy practitioner who incorporates [...]