Angel Message: The Collective Inner Child is Terrified
Today's Angel Message is a powerful reminder. "The Collective Inner Child is TERRIFIED." I used to say, "If it's not life or death, it doesn't matter." That was my way of reassuring myself that I would be okay even though something wasn't going as planned. What the Angels are saying is that the Collective Inner Child is experiencing every day life as a dire LIFE or DEATH situation. Right now, for millions of people around the globe, it is! And, it is primarily man-made through greed, wars, food shortages, and manufactured and manipulated unrest - through racism, misogyny, bigotry, and hate. To counter this, we must soothe our Inner Child. We must provide daily reassurances that we are doing our best to keep her/him safe, secure and healthy. We must focus on the positive and take action to move forward in the direction that will bring inner peace and tranquility. Call on the Angels to assist you, to help you feel secure and safe, to guide your next steps. To [...]