Dear Creative, What If Challenges Help You Soar?
Dear Creative, You do not yet know it, but the world is grateful for you! Your art is an expression of you, and through your creative endeavors you are sharing immeasurable gifts with the world. Perhaps, you dream of being a well-known highly acclaimed artist – maybe you want to be an accomplished writer, or a world renown sculptor or eclectic artist using a variety of mediums. Good for you! Let yourself shine!! Share your creativity with us, we need you! I will warn you though, that the road of a creative life may not be smooth, it may be plagued with sharp turns, unexpected dips, and potholes the size of the Grand Canyon. Yet, despite it all, I can assure you it will be a worthwhile journey. Unfortunately, as we grow and flourish we may be cautioned to stay small. Things may happen to remind us not to get too big for our britches. You may feel a war within, an internal conflict, where one part of you is all in, and another part holds back, afraid of what [...]