Ask Shaman Victorea Luminary – How to Manifest the Big Stuff!!
**All NEW column "Ask Shaman Victorea"** Here is a question from one of my Facebook followers, Kenyatta C. Jones. "I saw your post on Google and thought that your affirmations were VERY insightful and inspirational. Thank you! for them. I was going to ask you a question about manifestation, and why I'm able to do this on a smaller scale, versus the things on a MUCH LARGER SCALE. When attempting to manifest larger things, why is it harder to do than the seemingly smaller things. For example, I've done affirmations, and passers-by, complete and total strangers will place folded money in my hand. Or while at eating my server will point to a couple who just bought my lunch LOL. But our family needs a financial increase, a much BIGGER home, (minor) repair done on the one vehicle own, and another car. Now, I've found a home that suits all our needs and a vehicle that does the same, but it seems to be taking FOREVER. Now, I understand the reasons behind [...]