Chronic Lyme Disease Update #6
It is January 2017, I had hoped I was done with sharing any updates or adding to this Chronic Lyme Disease series, but here goes… My joints started aching when the weather turned colder this past fall (October 2016). Back in June, 2016 my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor said the Chronic Lyme Disease was in remission; however, with the new symptoms he ordered several unique blood tests. Unfortunately, several of these tests are indicating concerns. First, the Comprehensive Food Panel came back showing that many of the foods that I was eating daily are not presently good for me and are causing an immune response and inflammation. Upon receiving those results, I immediately eliminated those foods – all my favorite things (as I wrote that I heard Julie Andrews singing in my head). Farewell for now all the foods that made me happy including, sweet potatoes, almond milk, almond butter, almonds, bananas, pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Good-bye Chai tea!! Whaaaa! The [...]