Love is the Only Antidote to Fear
January 9, 2017 Dear Ones, There is so much fear flooding your planet now. Everywhere, even in the depths of the Amazon where tribal lands were recently desecrated by those seeking profit. Fear for the Earth, for clean water, for clean air, for health, not even healthcare, just health. There are so many people who are walking around with negativity in their auric fields. Eventually, if they do not find peace that fear will eat them alive. It may manifest as illness, maybe cancer, or it may cause them to act out of character resulting in harming themselves, or others. Fear is a powerful force on your planet. The ONLY antidote is LOVE. Love is what heals. It is a salve, a soothing balm, that when applied to fear shrinks it, shrivels it into nothingness. People heal with LOVE. The problem is most people are not in touch with their own feelings. They operate like remote-controlled toys. They are not in their bodies. They are outside playing with the controller. [...]