Election Results Hangover!!
I am absolutely numb! I feel like I have an election results hangover!! I don’t know what to say, but I know I need to share the emotions I have been feeling or I am going to burst. I am a highly sensitive person and can feel the negativity from other people, groups and the collective consciousness and the election results have stirred up tremendous amounts of emotions and negativity. I was floored as I watched the election results of Tuesday night. I supported Bernie Sanders during the primaries and when it was stolen from him, I supported Jill Stein based on the issues the Green Party supports. With that said, I fully expected Hillary Clinton to win. I thought she had it all tied up. I wasn't even going to watch the results, I never in a million years expected Donald Trump would win. Since Tuesday, I have been worried about my LGBTQ friends, for those on Social Security, for those in need of healthcare, for women and reproductive rights, for our [...]