God Bless ALL Children of War
God bless ALL the children of war around the world. This child is my child. This child represents all of us, regardless of race, religion or belief system. He is your child. He is everyone's child. What these children living in war-torn countries have endured, have seen and experienced at this young age should NEVER happen to ANY child. EVER! If you are not OUTRAGED by WAR, why not? How can a child who has endured war, violence, abuse and loss of family and country ever hope to live a ‘normal’ life? Trauma remains deep within the psyche and the cellular memory. We know this from the research. He and those like him will be scarred for life. War creates more war – because it creates people who disassociate, who cannot feel, who shield themselves from their feelings and from being vulnerable and open. They are the walking wounded. They physical wounds may heal, but the emotional wounds last a lifetime and are passed down through the generations. Trauma [...]